Day  1 … I will do it!  

So here it is end of day one of slimming to the inner me! Well I started of on a bumpy ride as the kids were winging constantly ! So I kept at what I needed to do tidying, organising and cleaning before lunch.

I started making the family some dinner. As I continued to make the dinner the kids kept winging at me because they weren’t aloud in the kitchen whilst I cook? So they were stuck at the other side  of the  child safety gate between the kitchen and living room. So I was making beans on toast for the kids whilst I had that with bacon and scambelled eggs. I managed to crack a susceesful first egg. The second wasn’t successful and I got egg all over the carpet floor. I could have cried 😭! Took a while to clean up, such a messy thing to clean up.
After successful SW(slimming world) dinner. S wanted to play out with her friend. I put her coat and shoes on her before going out. She also wanted her bike out. So whilst I got the bike out,p of the garage, I put a load of clothes into  the washing machine .  As I was shouting upto ah to stop crying, I spilt fabric conditioner everywhere which went all over me! Blooming great I smelt like a baby fabric conditioner which was very overpowering!

Later on day 1, I went to go food shopping! To fill my house with fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks. Took H with me as S wanted to play with her friends. A nice peaceful afternoon with H fast asleep also. So I could think what to buy and follow my list. For once the trip to two shop was plain sailing. All the food I need for this weeks slimming world mission!
So the syns I used yesterday which you aloud between 5-15 a day was 7 syns!
Keep sharing my blog peeps and look out for day 3!
Bye for now E xxx


Mother’s Day Eve !

So this is my first ever blog. Now before I start, I’m not the best at grammar,punctuation or spelling. So excuse the hiccups and mistakes on the way!

I’ll tell you a bit about myself. I won’t tell you my real name as I like to keep it low key. So for now let’s say this… Hi my name is E.

I’m a self employed mother of 2 princesses (brats!). I will not disclose any names other than their initials, age and sex. Eldest is S, she is 4 years old. My other child is a 22 month girl H. I have a fiancé P who is the father of my children. Been committed with each other late 2009.

Before we got together , I’ve always had a healthy apitite as soon as I went onto the baby formula,when I was a baby. Ever since I’ve been gradually became larger and larger. I Started of  modest size 14 now a 18 verging to go size 20 in 6 going onto 7 years!

What makes it worse as I’ve got some back and nerve related issues. They get in the way of me doing some exercise. I find it painful to walk after 15 minutes. Feel like a stabbing pain going through my right hip. I also suffer a lot of headaches, if not controlled I’ll have them all day. Sometimes they can take a toll on my eye site.

All in all I’m wanting to start a fresh chapter in my life. A new me! There’s no point getting depressed every night and end up emotional. Then I hit the cupboards which are filled with unhealthy snacks like chocolate, cake and crisps.

So tomorrow morning,I will be planning my meals. I’ll be dragging my little ones around a farm shop to get my meat, fruit and vegetable. I’ll be doing Slimming World Healthy Eating.

I’m doing this one step at a time. So if I sort out my food and drink. Then I can progress onto the next stage. Fitting exercise in around a job, kids and P.

hope my first ever blog is a good read!

Stayed tuned for Day 1 of a fat mum getting slim 😊